DynaMed Mission

The DynaMed mission is to provide the most useful information to health care professionals at the point-of-care.

DynaMed Vision
A world in which every health care professional can get the information they need in the way they need it.

Achieving the DynaMed Mission – Key Strategies

  • Maximal Usefulness  DynaMed is designed to provide the most useful information at the point of care for health care professionals. Usefulness requires a balance of validity, relevance and convenience. The essence of DynaMed is balancing the available resources with each of these factors to create the most useful clinical resource possible.
  • Maximal Collaboration  The best way to determine and improve the usefulness of a medical reference database is to ask and involve those who are using it. From its inception, DynaMed has remained committed to responding rapidly to user comments and concerns and to providing easy ways for users to provide feedback and interact with other members of the DynaMed Community. The result is an active global DynaMed Community.

DynaMed Community Vision
A world in which every health care professional can participate in the system to meet clinician’s information needs.

DynaMed Community Mission 
The DynaMed Community mission is to collaborate globally to improve clinical care by providing the most useful information. The DynaMed Community fulfills this mission by sharing evidence, ideas and perspectives for meeting clinical information needs.