DynaMed Reviewers

Dynamed Reviewers

The DynaMed Community is comprised of clinicians from 79 countries, representing 60 adult and pediatric specialties committed to improving health care and health care education through evidence-based medicine. DynaMed’s clinician contributors offer recommendations for improving the usefulness of DynaMed content, especially with respect to relevance, completeness and ease of use. Currently, the global DynaMed Community benefits from the contributions of more than 1,500 practicing physicians and clinicians.

What are the benefits of participation?

  • Complementary subscription to DynaMed for high levels of contribution
  • Stay current on the best available evidence in your area of interest
  • Contribute to evidence-based content used by clinicians around the world
  • Support and promote a progressive EBM curriculum in your institution
  • Gain editorial experience
  • Improve EBM skills

Become a DynaMed Reviewer
Clinical practice experience is required to become a DynaMed peer reviewer. To qualify, clinicians must have completed training and be practicing or have been in practice long enough to provide clinical perspective. Students and clinicians in training may be a reviewer if they identify and provide a qualified faculty member to work with them as a co-reviewer.

Editorial Policies for Reviewers
DynaMed provides the most relevant, useful information for use at the point-of-care. This is due in large part to its editorial team and policies, as well as the many active content contributors. As such, DynaMed continues to seek user input, and we encourage clinicians to take part in the ongoing development of DynaMed as peer reviewers.

DynaMed peer reviewers are DynaMed users with clinical expertise who take a special role in enhancing DynaMed content to meet the needs of practicing clinicians. A reviewer offers recommendations for improving the usefulness of the summary, especially with respect to relevance, completeness and ease of use. Validity assessment and selection of the best available evidence are welcome, but reviewers can also rely on the DynaMed editors for specific evidence evaluation.

Reviewers are required to disclose financial and other competing interests. For further information about competing interests, see this NEJM commentary.
If you are interested in becoming a DynaMed reviewer, please complete our Becoming a Reviewer form.