Evidence based resource at point of care, physicians, hospitals, resources for cliniciansHospitals around the world find great value in DynaMed for use at the point-of-care. As the only point-of-care, evidence-based resource that is updated daily, DynaMed offers quality, well-organized information and an intuitive means for accessing this material. DynaMed is available on an unlimited basis via the Web (on-site and remotely) and via mobile device for easy access at the point-of-care.

Why is DynaMed Needed in Hospitals?
According to the National Academy Press (2001), 44,000-98,000 American deaths per year occur due to preventable medical errors; medical errors are estimated to cost the U.S. $17 to $29 billion annually. Using the best available evidence for clinical decision-making improves health outcomes and reduces health care costs.

Because only the best available evidence determines the content of DynaMed, physicians and other health care professionals can reliably answer most questions quickly and accurately at the point-of-care, reducing the number of preventable medical errors at the hospital.

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