Evidence-Based Content

Evidence Based Content

Evidence-based is a descriptor that is often used to describe medically-related reference resources. Unfortunately, it is often used indiscriminately and without merit.

For a clinical reference resource to truly be called evidence-based, conclusions must be based on the best available evidence. Conclusions can be based on the best available evidence only if the evidence is consistently and systematically identified, evaluated and selected.

The DynaMed editorial process applies the following strict protocols:

  1. Systematically identifying the evidence
  2. Systematically selecting the best available evidence from that identified
  3. Systematically evaluating the selected evidence (critical appraisal)
  4. Objectively reporting the relevant findings and quality of the evidence
  5. Synthesizing multiple evidence reports
  6. Deriving overall conclusions and recommendations from the evidence synthesis
  7. Changing the conclusions when new evidence alters the best available evidence

Every article considered for inclusion in DynaMed is processed using this system, and the system ensures the integrity of the conclusions.

DynaMed is supported wholly by subscriptions, has editorial independence from commercial influences, and funding source in no way influences selection, interpretation and summarization of content.